The Key Question is: Do you own Government? Or, does Government own you?

If the Government owns you then taking tax money from you and hiding it through creative accounting is ok.
Placing your tax money into banks and institutions which over time have become huge stockpiles and earning interest for themselves on it is ok.
Being secretive and not declaring this to you or reporting anything on these surplus funds is ok.
Giving you the impression the budget is all that there is ok
Giving you the impression they are broke and asking for more tax money is ok.

But if you own the Government, and they work for you as they say they do, then this would fraud, misrepresentation and maladministration against you the taxpayer.  And you would have every right to demand this hidden wealth be used for services or returned to you or that your taxation is reduced or completely abolished.

1. What is Taxation? 
ANSWER: A revenue source.

2. What is Investment Return? 
ANSWER: A revenue Source.

3. What does placing money into investments, into banks and into stocks & shares do? 
ANSWER: Generate a revenue Source.

When the revenue source of government is 1/3rd Tax income and 2/3rds Non-Tax income derived from the return on investment from the surplus funds they hold, is there any need for Taxation.

If you rush to your Councillor or MP to ask them about the surplus funds local governments have, do you really believe that they are going to tell you that there are surpluses? If you do, you live in a dream world. It would be political suicide to say, "Yes, we have excess funds that we are not using."

Local governments can have simultaneous budget shortfalls and financial surpluses. Once you understand how this can occur, the rest is easy.

There are two major ways that these surpluses are created. Although there are other "creative accounting" techniques that are used.

The first way is to take in more revenue than expenditures; that is the local government makes a profit.
The second way is to invest any money not needing to be spent immediately to make a return on investment.

What are local government surpluses?
Government operations, except for retirement/pension funds should be on a pay-as-you-go system. Governments should be non-profit organizations. Government surpluses are funds that are not required or needed for the operation of all government operations, directly or indirectly, for the year covered by the budget.

The main function now of the taxation program is not to support government operations, but rather to increase the fund balances of all government funds in order to create and support a massive investment pool, which is then used for all of the non-taxpayer activities that government participates in, using what it likes to consider non-taxpayer money derived from these investments and their returns. You see, they  believe that any gains they are able to collect from investing your taxpayer money is theirs to keep.

What we are going to disclose and explain to you is how one of the biggest financial conspiracies in history works, so lets begin -
The Evidence
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